What is the Eternally In Amber Box?

The Eternally In Amber Box is a curated bi-monthly subscription box of hair accessories delivered right to your front door!  You can subscribe for yourself or gift a few boxes for a special someone. The  Deluxe Eternally In Amber Box costs $25.00 plus the cost of shipping, which is $3.50 for domestic packages & $10-$15 for international packages. 


How often will I get this box?    

This is a bi-monthly box delivering every  other month starting  January 2016.  There will be a total of 6 boxes delivered each year.  The delivery months are January, March, May,  July, September, & November. 


What is the deadline for purchasing a box?

See the deadlines for 2017:    
1. January 2017 Box-Purchase before December 20, 2016; any purchase after will receive their first box in March 2017.

2. March 2017 Box-Purchase from December 21, 2016 to February 20,  2017; any purchase after will receive their first box in May 2017.      
3. May 2017 Box-Purchase from February 21, 2017 to April 20, 2017;  any purchase after will receive their first box in July 2017.

4. July 2017 Box-Purchase from April 21, 2017 to June 20, 2017;  any purchase after will receive their first box in September 2017.        
5. September 2017 Box-Purchase from June 21, 2017 to August 20, 2017; any purchase after will receive their first box in November 2017.         
6. November 2017 Box-Purchase from August 21, 2017 to October 20, 2017; any purchase after will receive their first box in January  2018.       


How do add-ons work?

This is a subscriber only benefit that allows members to add additional products from the online shop to be included in the monthly package for 15% off and no additional shipping cost.  Add-ons start on the 15th until the 20th of every delivery month.  Active subscribers, who are receiving the current month's box, will receive a code via email to use online to receive the discount and free shipping on any purchase made from the online shop.  All products purchased using the given code will be included in the box along with the monthly featured hair accessories.


When will the box ship? Where does the box ship?   

Boxes are shipped out on or after the 20th of each delivery month  (please follow tracking information provided for exact expected  dates  of delivery).  All boxes ship via USPS First Class Mail domestically to  all US states.  Boxes also ship internationally with an additional  shipping cost.  Please note international shipments may take longer for  you to receive.   


When will I be billed? 

When you subscribe, you will be billed immediately when you check out. If you  choose to renew your subscription you will be billed on the 30th of each delivery month.  You will receive an email to remind you about your continuing renewal before you are billed for the following month's box.  Please note all subscriptions will renew. You can log into your online account at anytime to manage your account by skipping a renewal, updating payment information, and canceling your subscription. Be sure to make any changes to your account before your account is charged.


For 2, 3, & 6  month prepaid gift subscriptions, you will be billed  immediately for the full price and your recipient will receive the total amount of boxes you purchased. You will not be charged again for any other reason, but you will have the option to renew the purchased subscription when your  current subscription has ended.  If you do not want your gift subscription to renew, please check the box labeled "this is a gift" which will cancel the auto-renewal of the subscription.  If you would like the option of renewing the gift subscription, check the option to receive notification before renewing during the check out process.  You can also manage your gift subscription within your account by skipping a month, updating personal and payment information, and canceling your subscription. 


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription before your subscription renews  you will need to log into your account and cancel before the 30th of each delivery month.  You can also skip your next renewal, so you won't  be charged and you can keep your subscription active instead of cancelling the subscription.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for boxes that have shipped.  You can contact us anytime at  We pride ourselves on excellent customer  service and you will receive a reply within one (1-2) business day.